Be Proactive Not Reactive

With triple digit temperatures looming, keeping your home cool and comfortable is likely becoming a morning coffee or dinner table topic.  As Texans we know May through September can be brutally hot and coupled with humidity, as a high school football coach of mine once deemed it, "tropical".  At times there really can be no can only shed so many clothes, drink so much water, or stay in the pool so long.  So before the unbearable heat infiltrates you and your home, be proactive!  Sure AC Repair isn't fun and the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" proverb seems tempting, but air conditioning in Texas follows the domino theory.  All it takes is a forgotten air filter that restricts air flow, which freezes the evaporator coil, a leak develops...and next thing you know you've got several hundred dollars of repair when all you [...]