Choose a Classic Heat Pump This Winter

There are a lot of technical terms, slangs and HVAC jargon that many Dallas homeowners aren't familiar with, one such term is "heat pump".  What is a heat pump? And what does it mean to me?  Well here in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and surrounding areas where our lack of fall and mildness of winter tend to be the norm, heat pumps can mean saving money! For our purposes heat pumps are the outdoor unit that is used to cool and heat your home.  Yes we said cool and heat!  Heat pumps work in a manner that cools your home in the summer and then acts as the heat source in the winter.  This process is based on a reversal of thermal energy flow using refrigerant as it's mode of transportation. In cooling mode the outside unit acts as a condenser and the indoor [...]