Don’t Be Spooked By Carbon Monoxide

Remember the winter of 2010?  The Superbowl?  The ice? Rolling blackouts?  Well, El Niño is moving into North Texas again this year and some of those same staples of the famed weather pattern we saw in 2010 are predicted to invade us here in Dallas in 2012.  Accompanying the brief periods of frigid cold and winter precipitation is the increased use of your home's heating system; whether that be a Dallas furnace, a Frisco heat pump, or an Allen air handler.  In this month's Classic Blog we want to take a quick minute to look at the use of gas furnaces and the subsequent issue of Carbon Monoxide. In 2011 alone there were 208 recorded CO cases in Dallas and nearly all of those had working Carbon Monoxide Detectors!  The key to safe, efficient operation is ensuring proper exhaust ventilation, sufficient combustion air, and exact gas pressure to [...]