March HVAC Product of the Month

Often forgotten, but regularly used, this month's Classic Heating and Air Product of the Month serves as the communicator between you the homeowner and your home's HVAC system.  With a punch of a button or in the programmable mode no punch at all, this industry favorite digital, programmable thermostat gets you to a comfortable, accurate temperature ASAP!  Compatible with split air conditioning systems and heat pumps our Classic Honeywell thermostat combines both user friendly controls and the most up-to-date technology, making it a no brainer if you're having a difficult time understanding your current t-stat, it's as old as Christmas, or it isn't controlling your comfort level properly.  Just give us a call today and take advantage of this awesome thermostat deal!   Large, Backlit Display Accurate Comfort Control Easy 7-day programming (never touch your thermostat again!!!) 5 year parts and labor warranty Save between [...]