April HVAC Product of the Month

Well Dallas we just got our first glimpse of summer this past week and for some of us it was a real eye-opener. Air conditioners we hadn't turned on in over 6 months either didn't start, tripped the breaker, made loud noises or ran and ran but couldn't get the house down to the set temperature. Whatever your individual case was, take solace in knowing you were not alone. From Dallas to Coppell to McKinney to Rockwall homeowners and a/c systems across the metroplex felt the heat and humidity. One of the major problems our technicians found in the field were faulty A/C compressors, most of which had trouble starting up after a prolonged winter without use. There are several reasons this occurs, those technical specifics and detail we won't get into in this blog. However, our April HVAC Product of the Month is a [...]