Just the other day one of our technicians came in the office and was going hysterical about the number of people crammed into the community pool in the subdivision he just left.  His exact words were, “if there was one person, there were 200 hundred!”  Kids, parents, friends, grandparents and even a few stragglers who didn’t live in the subdivision.  All this brought about a 45 minute long office conversation about local community pools scattered across Dallas and the surrounding metroplex.  As this summer wears on and relief (and fun) can be found in cool, chlorinated locales, just remember a few a simple things.

Look out for yourself as well as others…respect fellow pool-goers rights and privacy…and above all else The Golden Rule!

For more tips, safety, and fun ideas for your local community or subdivision pool check out the link below:


HAVE FUN, STAY COOL and CALL CLASSIC for all your HVAC needs!



  • Set out a large 5 gallon bucket or whiskey barrel at/near your roof or gutter line
  • Take advantage of heavy, but infrequent summer storms
  • Avoid the hassle of water restrictions
  • SAVE $$$