The indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home is something you should be conscious of all the time, but this time of year in particular is when our immune system or runny nose remind us that we forgot again and now we’re suffering the consequences.  According to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) flu season has peaked in the month of February 47% of the time since 1982 and here in North Texas we know that spring green-up in just around the corner.  These yearly occurrences along with other molds, odors, allergens and particles are constantly trying to invade your home and ruin your comfort experience.  At Classic Heating and Air we have your solution to prevent those unpleasant experiences and keep you and your family healthy!  Our February Product of the Month features an air purification product from RGF Environmental that will leave you raving about the clean smell and clean air that your home now has!

Check out the video below and give Classic Heating and Air a call to get yours installed!


RGF – February Product of the Month