Home Warranty

We all know the old adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” However, many Americans are turning their hope and paychecks towards the false hope that is…Home Warranty. The real fact of the matter is that for the annual cost of $500 or so, you will get nothing more than $500 worth of warranty work done in your home. These home warranty companies are money making entities (at least they aim to make money) and they will use any one of their seemingly thousands of loopholes to get out of repairing or replacing old and worn out HVAC equipment that will result in their losing money! Below is a quote from an HVAC service provider forum we are members of that will provide some insight on how these warranties work behind the scenes and please keep in mind this is from a contractor who formerly did work for a warranty company:

“We did work for ___ in the past…Normally a contractor will receive less than $_____ for an air handler or furnace replacement. The profits are supposed to come from duct mods, code upgrades and additional charges a contractor can get away with. I can’t do that to anyone…It plays on the homeowners not understanding what they really need. Needless to say I sent them packing several years ago…”

That quote pretty much sums it up what home warranty companies do when coming into your home and frankly there are too many quality, honest HVAC service providers to spend ANY money with someone who isn’t honest or doesn’t have your best interest at heart. The home warranties use what are typically the poor performing contractors who are barely making it, pay them no more than the amount of money that has been actually paid in by the homeowner and then leave it up to the contractor to “lie, cheat or steal” to get the rest. In our experience, home warranties are NEVER the answer to prompt, quality, dependable HVAC service…if that is what you need
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