As winter still lingers here in the metroplex many of us are still cycling our furnaces and heaters to take the chill out of the air. But most of us are also keeping at least one eye on the next 30-45 days knowing that Spring is approaching quickly and that means one thing….air conditioning! This year air conditioning is a little different for consumers and the industry as a whole due to new Department of Energy regional efficiency standards. Gone are the days of 13 SEER split system air conditioners, as the new southeast regional standards have been raised to 14 SEER. Initially these new standards sent shock waves through the HVAC community, but the transition has been smooth as manufacturers, distributors and contractors alike have done a great job of training and educating to make sure our customers are ultimately both informed and of course comfortable. Take a look at the map above or visit and arm yourself before purchasing a new air conditioning system. Any company or contractor offering a “cheap, 13 SEER option” is working outside the confines of the law and should be dismissed immediately. Remember cheaper isn’t always better and often means poor service, cut corners and often times more problems and headaches.

Here at Classic Heating and Air we have been working double time to make sure before the spring and summer rush hits we have plenty of compliant, affordable and energy efficient options for every customer and every budget. Of course our bread and butter is still the American Standard single stage 16 SEER system, but we also have some great 14 SEER options and for those looking for ultimate comfort and efficiency the Platinum Variable speed 18 SEER system. Whatever your need or situation is this air conditioning season, rest assured that Classic has you covered and is here to “Go Two Miles”. Our commitment and dedication to our customers is to be ahead of the curve and withhold all laws and regulations which govern our industry, all the while making your HVAC experience the best possible, saving you money and keep you comfortable. If you have any questions, would like more details or are interested in any of the awesome air conditioning systems we offer, our phone lines are open 24 hours so Keep Calm and Call Classic!