HVAC Maintenance McKinneyFrom mowing the lawn to repairing leaky faucets, maintaining your home can be overwhelming at times, but you should never forego maintenance on your HVAC systems. Your HVAC system accounts for about half of your home’s total energy usage.  Heating and cooling your home affects your finances and your family’s comfort. Unfortunately, issues may arise that require professional help.

Water accumulating in drain pans or draining outside is a sign that your system may be in distress and needs attention.

Water In Odd Places 

Each air conditioning unit has an evaporator coil. This coil absorbs the heat from the air as it passes over it, and that cooler air is then supplied to the home. During the process of removing heat from the air, condensation will form on the evaporator coil.  The condensation accumulates in the internal drain pan and passes into the drain line which is tied into the plumbing of your home.

If you see water around the units, in drain pans, or dripping outside, turn off the thermostat to prevent potential water damage and contact an HVAC service provider. While this condensation is not an indication of major deficiencies, a buildup of condensation can lead to water damage and equipment failures.

Causes of Condensation Accumulation 

Clogged Drain Lines 

A clogged drain line is the most common cause of water around your equipment and drain pans.  Dirt, dust, algae and other debris can build-up in the drain line over time. As the evaporator coil begins to cool, moisture is removed from the air and condensation is produced.  As the condensation mixes with the dirt and debris, it will potentially block the drain line, with a thick, sludge and the line will back up.

Suctioning out all debris from the drain line is the most effective way to clear the buildup and prevent further leakage. Your HVAC contractor will clean this drain line as a part of regular HVAC maintenance.

Clogged Air Filters 

Changing your filters is a part of maintenance that ensures your system is cooling in an energy-efficient manner, but it is also an essential part of reducing water accumulation in your units. If you see water outside your home or in drain pans, you might have a clogged air filter.

When the air filter is dirty, air will not be able to flow over the evaporator coil at a high enough volume which can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. Eventually, the frozen coil can start to defrost and melt, causing water to show up in places it should not.

Checking your filter every month is ideal, and if you have allergies, consider changing your filter monthly without exception to prevent allergens from flowing into your home.

If you see water in places you shouldn’t, contact the professionals today. Consult Classic Heating & Air at 214-310-COOL (2665) today for the best in home HVAC maintenance.

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