The hot Texas summer is looming ever nearer, and with it, the increased chances that you may need an air conditioning expert to visit your home. This can often times be an unfamiliar experience and even scary to some homeowners. Unfortunately our industry has suffered a few black eyes over the years…self-proclaimed “experts”, deceptive salesmen and illegitimate companies have all played their part in creating distrust in what was once one of the soundest industries in America.
If you find yourself in a situation that leaves you anything but 100% confident in the professional in your home, follow this easy and quick tip that will identify almost any “imposter.” Simply ask to see their license!

Any and every in home HVAC professional must be registered with the State of Texas…the only response you should expect is, “Sure! Here you go, and thanks for asking!” This ensures you of two things:

1. that the person is actually a professional that has taken the proper steps for a career in our industry

2. that they are designated with the State of Texas as a technician for in home service.

Yes, this should not override any “gut feeling” you may have about someone in your home, but it should be your first step to determine whether the person in your home is a former car salesman who knows little about HVAC or someone who is taking advantage of the busy summer season for fast cash.

And remember when in doubt, “Keep calm and Call Classic!”