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Notice Water In or Around HVAC Equipment? Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

From mowing the lawn to repairing leaky faucets, maintaining your home can be overwhelming at times, but you should never forego maintenance on your HVAC systems. Your HVAC system accounts for about half of your home’s total energy usage.  Heating and cooling your home affects your finances and your family’s comfort. Unfortunately, issues may arise that require professional help. Water accumulating in drain pans or draining outside is a sign that your system may be in distress and needs attention. Water In Odd Places  Each air conditioning unit has an evaporator coil. This coil absorbs the heat from the air as it passes over it, and that cooler air is then supplied to the home. During the process of removing heat from the air, condensation will form on the evaporator coil.  The condensation accumulates in the internal drain pan and passes into the drain line which is [...]

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Choosing the Best HVAC System Size for Your McKinney Home or Office

Heating and cooling your home or office in McKinney is crucial, especially during those sweltering summer months. While important, HVAC systems come in many shapes, sizes and performances. Instead of becoming overwhelmed over which system best fits your environment, researching four key points can ease your mind as you search for the right technology. Keep these four things in mind when looking for a new system: Research heating as well as cooling. While an air conditioning unit may seem more concerning in the Texas heat, it is important to know how the heating system works as well. Whether it be warm or cold, the size of your system makes a big difference. If you are looking to regulate an entire office building, a larger system will be necessary to keep your temperatures efficiently controlled both in the warmer and cooler months. Take your space into consideration. Because each room [...]

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How to Beat the Heat when Choosing HVAC Contractors in McKinney, TX

Installing a heating and cooling system in your home should be effortless. Especially in Texas, keeping your house at a comfortable temperature is something to be taken seriously. With so many HVAC contractors, though, it can be difficult to determine which company has the hottest installation for the coolest dollar. There are HVAC contractors in McKinney, TX that can guarantee your home's air quality, comfort, and even safety. To make sure you hire the right contractor, though, here are five questions to ask: Are you licensed? Many contractors should hold a state license or have insurance as proof of professional credentials. Knowing that you hired a trusted HVAC contractor means that your HVAC is more than a service - it is an investment in the future of your home. Taking the time to research beforehand means you can rest easily - and comfortably - afterward. What [...]

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