condenserWith the persistent heat of North Texas, it may seem like there is never a time you would want to be without air conditioning. However, as the “miles” tick away on your HVAC system, residents in north Texas cities could be using excessive amounts of electricity to keep their house cool…that costs money!

One of the best times for a consumer to switch out an old HVAC system for a newer and more efficient one is autumn. Finding an HVAC service provider that satisfies the expectations you have for your home, your family, and your wallet can take time.  Taking that initial time to research and consult with true professionals helps to put you at ease and gives you the confidence needed to make a good decision.

There are four reasons why you should think of upgrading your HVAC system this fall:

1.  You have time to think. Replacing an air conditioning unit in the dead of summer can bring a sense of urgency into your decision-making. By waiting until the fall for system replacements, you can take time to research consumer reports, examine contractors’ online reviews and reputation, and visit with different service companies to provide you with peace of mind.

2.  You have more options. Because the peak demand season is over, you can compare a wide variety of air conditioning units instead of choosing a system that is quickest to install or readily available at the time.  Some of the more complex and more efficient equipment requires additional inputs such as changing thermostat wire, line-sets and duct modifications that simply aren’t cost effective during the busiest time of year.  After the summer, contractors can provide these changes at much more reasonable prices as their opportunity cost has subsided.  This time of year also brings off-season sales and promotions that make higher end products much more affordable.

3.  More comfortable “down time.” Changing out an HVAC system can take up to a day depending on the needs of your new system and the challenges unique to the design of your home. During the time the equipment is being changed out, your home will not have any climate control which can be rather uncomfortable in Texas’ summer heat. Replacing that same system in the cooler temperatures of fall will make for an overall more comfortable experience.

4.  You can save money.  The fact of the matter is labor rates are higher when temperatures are the hottest…period.  Installations simply take longer in extreme heat due to the need for more frequent breaks and the inability to stay in attics for long periods of time.  The longer install times come at a cost…higher labor rate.  If you plan ahead and are proactive in replacing HVAC systems during autumn, you can avoid paying the consequences brought by high temperatures.

We all are accustomed to live in comfortable homes with temperatures that keep us cool and happy. As the scorching summer days draw to an end, start thinking about the condition of your HVAC system and develop a plan for addressing any areas of need.  If you need professional help understanding the current condition of your HVAC system or in purchasing the perfect HVAC system for your McKinney home, let Classic Heating & Air help!  For more information, visit our website at

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