Commercial Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The cornerstone for consistent comfort and economical operation of any commercial HVAC system is preventative maintenance. We at Classic pride ourselves in offering three levels of maintenance programs which differ in frequency and coverage in order to allow you to customize your program to your needs. Generally speaking, commercial units (especially rooftop systems) experience more stress and increased run times when compared to their residential counterparts; couple that with their often times harsh operating environments, the most subtle deficiencies in operation are magnified and can cause major problems. That’s why here at Classic Heating and Air we offer the perfect maintenance program to fit all your commercial HVAC and commercial AC service needs in McKinney, Celina & Plano TX.

Commercial AC


Commercial HVAC maintenance is an extensive maintenance program designed to keep commercial units working efficiently and smoothly


As commercial units have different configurations and higher frequency, the maintenance program may be different when compared to a residential one. 

Similarly, commercial HVAC maintenance cost varies when compared to residential HVAC maintenance. It may cost you anywhere around $100-$500 depending on the program you choose. 

The main benefit or the primary purpose of commercial HVAC maintenance is to extend the lifespan of your appliance. Regular maintenance prevents components from burnout or failure due to clogs and debris. Furthermore, it offers other benefits such as decreasing power consumption, improved air quality, and saving costs. 


A well-maintained commercial HVAC is less prone to develop technical problems and unexpected breakdowns. Thus, the HVAC maintenance also prevents you from costly repairs and part replacements. 

Typical problems in a commercial HVAC are poor indoor air quality, low efficiency, and inconsistent airflow. Additionally, some business owners experience an unexpected rise in energy bills and noise when the unit is running. 


The reason commercial HVAC experience more breakdowns is because of higher runtimes than residential units. Problems are exasperated when there is a lack of maintenance that result in clogged filters and worn down parts. 

To know whether your HVAC system is working properly or not, you must create a checklist of things that create problems. First, check your air filter and ensure they are clean and working properly.


Secondly, check the circuit breaker that usually shuts off your system in case of high voltage. 


Third, monitor your thermostat and keep it to the desired temperature and time and make note of any lapses or excessive running of the fan.


Lastly, take visual observations of the fan and compressor and see if there’s any sign of damage. If all these things are good to go and your HVAC is cooling properly, just sit back and enjoy!