Commercial Replacement

Whether it’s a red-alert, emergency or planned system replacement, Classic Heating and Air has you covered when it comes to commercial equipment replacement. We keep many package units and RTU’s in stock ready to install and those we don’t are merely a phone call away thanks to our local American Standard distributor. Our guarantee to you is that from the curb adapter to the crane, from the controls to the comfort, our commercial department gets the job done right every time!

Just like our residential department brethren, we offer only the best of the best American Standard light commercial equipment for commercial AC installation. Ranging from 3-25 tons and 13-17.5 SEER, we have the flexibility to meet all your needs and the manpower to do it very quickly. So spread the word to your shoppers, diners, students, employees and anyone who walks through your door, “We’re open and ready for business thanks to Classic Heating and Air!”

Commercial AC Repair Residential AC Repair
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