Commercial Service

Trust us we know what it’s like to have your commercial heating or air conditioning system breakdown. We rely on our service vehicles in the same way many of our customers rely on their commercial building or storefront, they are where our business is conducted! Therefore, we strive to put the exact same sense of urgency in solving your HVAC issues as we do in getting and keeping our fleet on the road. Downtime is an opportunity cost and at the least an inconvenience to patrons, our commitment to you is to treat your place of business as if it were our own.

Our commercial McKinney AC repair department is rich in knowledge, professionalism and experience and our trucks are stocked with many of the parts you’ll need to get back up and running, back in business and most important: comfortable!

Commercial AC Repair Services


Like residential HVACs, commercial HVACs also need to be serviced once a year. However, if you have a large company or hospital, your HVAC system will require at least two services in a year. 

Some commercial HVACs such as those used in hospitals or front-line worker situations, may require up to four services in a year. Thus, consult a professional service provider and request a quote according to your business for accurate estimation. 

A commercial AC service may include several steps such as an all-round inspection, cleaning, and replacement. Professionals inspect several components of your AC unit including the compressor, evaporator, thermostat, and fan motor. If they find anything clogged with dirt or debris, they may clean it or replace it. 

In addition, AC services generally include cleaning air filters, evaporator coils, condensers, and drains. The technician will also check if there’s any freon leakage to ensure consistent comfort. 

To ensure consistent air conditioning in your commercial HVAC, seasonal cleaning and periodic maintenance are necessary. Professionals clean the air filters every time to prevent them from getting clogged. It may surprise you that clogged AC filters can block the airflow and affect efficiency.

Commercial HVACs are used more frequently when compared to residential counterparts. Thus, periodic servicing becomes more important to sustain the efficiency of your device. 

The life expectancy of a commercial AC can be anywhere from 10 to 15 years. As it’s an electronic appliance, the lifespan of your HVAC depends on numerous factors including repairs, maintenance, usage, and manufacturer. A well-maintained and periodically serviced HVAC can last the expected duration.

On the other hand, your HVAC may not last more than 7-8 years if you fail to maintain it properly. One thing you must know is replacing the parts during Maintenance may be a worthwhile option than replacing the whole system.

To ensure your commercial HVAC system is running at its peak performance, it should be serviced annually. If you have a small storefront or office building that doesn’t require much heating and cooling then annual maintenance may do the trick.

However, if there are large amounts of heat generating equipment in use such as during winter months for an IT company with tons going out all day long each day then two visits per year could cut down on expensive energy bills and costly repairs.

Generally, experts advise changing the HVAC filters after every month or 30 days. But the improvement in technology has introduced highly efficient pleated filters. Unlike old gen filters, they require replacement after 45-90 days depending on the usage. 

In most instances, you can schedule the replacement after 90 days. However, we recommend changing your HVAC filters every 45 days for better efficiency.