Duct Sanitization

Rather than big, heavy roto machines or tearing holes in your flex duct our non-invasive whole home duct sanitization is the solution to sanitizing, cleaning and purifying the air that your family breathes. Our innovative environmental treatment of your entire duct system is safe, time efficient, cost effective and very proven. Instead of stirring all the particles and contaminants present in your duct (like conventional duct cleaning), our sanitization reaches all the cracks, crevices and pores in the ductwork to effectively to seal, eliminate or remove harmful substances. Duct sanitization is taking the U.S. by storm and Classic Heating and Air is proud to be one of the pioneers here in Texas.

  • Safe for your home, family and pets
  • Heavy duty mold control
  • Odor elimination
duct cleaning mckinney

Our Classic Duct Sanitization is:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Reaches all cracks, crevices and pores
  • Effective on all duct types
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • EPA registered & approved
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of indoor equipment
  • Includes drain pan, drain line & coil inspection
  • Includes 1 year FREE HVAC maintenance

Destroy bacteria

duct cleaning mckinney

E Coli

duct cleaning mckinney


duct cleaning mckinney


duct cleaning mckinney


Our duct cleaning and sanitization service at Classic Heating and Air is the perfect solution to old, dirty, smelly air delivery in your home. The package we have put together is the ultimate value in ensuring your home maintains clean, healthy duct work. Your HVAC system is more than just heating or cooling equipment, and our technicians are well aware of that. Our training and expertise will be apparent from the minute we walk through your door and we won’t just be in and out on our visit but rather dedicate our work to making your home the safest, cleanest, most popular house on the block!