The Classic Care Guarantee

Our CLASSIC CARE GUARANTEE is the cornerstone of commitment and staple of excellence from our great company to you! The premise of our annual maintenance program is to keep your heating and air conditioning operating at peak performance, optimum efficiency and safely 24 hours a day 365 days a year, all the while entitling you to a slew of advantages, perks and discounts that are only available to our CCG customers. Whether you have recently invested in a new home or have lived at the same location for years. Whether you just purchased a new HVAC system or don’t even know where your home’s system is.

Whether your budget is very restrictive or unlimited, our CCG maintenance program is for you!


  • Famous Cooling & Heating Clean / Check / Tune

  • Unlimited Service Calls

  • 15% Off Products and Services

  • Free Filters

  • 24 Hour Priority Service

  • Enrollment in “Every Dollar Counts”

As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and when it comes to your heating and air conditioning no truer words have been spoken. Our precision tune-ups are guaranteed to lower operating costs, increase system capacity and improve comfort and air quality.

Make the smart decision and enroll today!

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In Texas, HVAC maintenance may cost you from $50 to $100 depending on your appliance type. When it comes to maintaining a residential HVAC, the cost varies according to unit size, brand, service type, and materials.

Furthermore, the maintenance cost of commercial HVAC is generally more than that of residential counterparts. So, you should request a quote from an HVAC maintenance service provider to make your investment worthwhile.

Professional HVAC maintenance includes a complete checklist of items necessary to keep appliances running. It features thermostat setting assessment, electrical connection check, lubrication, air filter replacement, coil cleaning, and more. 

Some service providers like Classic Heating and Air also allow you to customize these services with three-level maintenance programs. Customization maintenance program could save you time and money.

The primary role of HVAC maintenance is to keep your appliance working like a well-oiled machine. Being an electronic appliance, your HVAC may develop several technical problems if not maintained properly. These problems may further lead to unexpected breakdowns and faulty operations.

HVAC maintenance prevents problems while improving the overall efficiency of your appliance. From reducing energy consumption to improving air quality, numerous reasons make regular maintenance important.

Whether it’s an annual or half-yearly HVAC maintenance, scheduled maintenance may take around 1-2 hours. However, it depends on the type of your HVAC, its frequency, and coverage.

For instance, rooftop commercial HVAC maintenance may take more time when compared to a residential one. The size of your home will also affect time to do mainenance. Also, if you have been delaying having HVAC maintenance done, you can expect it to several hours.

As the name describes, HVAC preventive maintenance is a program that protects your HVAC from unexpected breakdowns. Although every maintenance has the same objective, preventive maintenance focuses on the parts that usually occur during breakdowns. 

This process may include cleaning dampers, checking the duct system, verifying electrical control, and lubricating the moving parts. Unlike planned maintenance, it may not include routine tune-ups and troubleshooting.

To maintain your HVAC system yourself, you can try some DIY methods such as resetting the thermostat, cleaning fins, cleaning condenser coils, and checking drain pipes. If your HVAC unit features a carbon monoxide detector, you must test the device and replace it if required for expected results.

DIYs can help you maintain your HVAC and ensure its long life, however, keep in mind you’re not a professional! It’s always a great idea to book a scheduled HVAC maintenance to make sure that everything is running smoothly.