Wow, what a way to ring in May…40 degree temperatures and multiple inches of rain.  If you’re like us at Classic Heating and Air you actually had to turn on your heat to keep your home comfortable the past few days.  Certainly there is some humor in how the way this month started, and with that, just as much certainty that in the coming days and weeks all of us will be cranking up the air conditioner here in Dallas, McKinney, and the surrounding metroplex.  But, hopefully by now you haven’t had to contact your air conditioning contractor (other than for your Classic Clean/Check/Tune) because the hot stress period for Dallas air conditioning is yet to come.  With the countless 90-100 degree days on the horizon there is a good possibility that at some point you will have to search Google for you local ac repair or air conditioning service contractor.  And the question will undoubtedly arise, should I repair or replace my system?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy if your system is 10 years or older, the answer is a definitive YES!  But it isn’t always that black and white…do your bills seem high?  Are you constantly having to take off work to meet your current HVAC repair man?  Can your family just not seem to get comfortable at home?  These are all good questions to ask yourself, because even if your system is newer than 10 years old does not mean there aren’t various or chronic problems costing you time, money, and comfort.  Heating and cooling systems are often compared to the automobile and/or computer industry in that upgrades, advances,  and technology literally change from month-to-month, year-to-year.  This rapid change leaves units that “aren’t that old” light years behind today’s standards and new products.  New refrigerant types, higher SEER ratings, and strict government standards are all things that affect the consumer and make replacement a very viable investment.  However, at Classic Heating and Air we can most always help in keeping your system running, especially with yearly service agreements and interval check-ups that ensure proper maintenance, cleaning and operation.  But just because your system is running doesn’t mean it is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, or most importantly safe.  So as spring breaks and summer roars in remember these things when facing your repair or replace decision.

  1. Today’s high efficiency units can save upwards of 48% on annual energy costs compared to systems even 8, 10, 12 years old.
  2. Manufacturer and industry publications “have always recommended installing complete, matched HVAC system regardless of refrigerant type” as opposed to retrofitting non-matched equipment
  3. Matched capacity, SEER rating, and communication are “irreplaceable” in saving money, saving energy, and saving the environment
  4. Classic Heating and Air offers Dallas’ best 10 year “no questions asked” parts and labor warranty and easy financing options for your heating and air investment




  • Regulate individual room temperature and humidity
  • Optimize energy use
  • Extend blower and equipment life