1209, 2012

Choose a Classic Heat Pump This Winter

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There are a lot of technical terms, slangs and HVAC jargon that many Dallas homeowners aren’t familiar with, one such term is “heat pump”.  What is a heat pump? And what does it mean to me?  Well here in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and surrounding areas where our lack of fall and mildness of winter tend to be the norm, heat pumps can mean saving money! For our purposes heat pumps are the outdoor unit that is used to cool and heat your home.  Yes we said cool and heat!  Heat pumps work in a manner that cools your home in the summer and then acts as the heat source in the winter.  This process is based on a reversal of thermal energy flow using refrigerant as it’s mode of transportation. In cooling mode the outside unit acts as a condenser and the indoor component as an evaporator.  In heating mode a reversing valve switches the flow and the outdoor heat pump then becomes the evaporator and the indoor serves as the condenser.  This use of refrigerant is on average 3 times more efficient than the use of electric heat strips, making heat pumps a great choice for Dallas homeowners this winter.  Along with the increased efficiency, heat pump systems are also much better at controlling in-house humidity.

So this fall or winter if your home’s electric heat system is giving you trouble and the outrageous bills keep piling up…choose a Classic Heating and Air heat pump system and enjoy all the benefits of Dallas’ top HVAC service provider, America’s #1 rated equipment and a money saving system that meets all your comfort needs.

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  • Help control temperature in your favorite room
  • Never get up to adjust thermostat again
  • 7 day programmable schedule

908, 2012

Back to School, Back to School…

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Hello August!!  This month marks the end of our Family Help short series, we hope that you utilized and enjoyed the information of the past 4 months.  To wrap up the 2012 edition Classic would like to share a few back to school tips for both parents, teachers and students that will once again be roaming the hallways in just a few short weeks.

In honor of the start of a new school year, Classic Heating and Air is proud to announce it’s Back to School Specials!!

1.  $500 gift card to Office Max with the purchase of any new 13 SEER system


2.  Free 1 year service agreement with ALL repairs




  • Extend compressor life
  • Conserve energy at system startup
  • Start cooling easier, quicker
707, 2012

Community “Pool” Service

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Just the other day one of our technicians came in the office and was going hysterical about the number of people crammed into the community pool in the subdivision he just left.  His exact words were, “if there was one person, there were 200 hundred!”  Kids, parents, friends, grandparents and even a few stragglers who didn’t live in the subdivision.  All this brought about a 45 minute long office conversation about local community pools scattered across Dallas and the surrounding metroplex.  As this summer wears on and relief (and fun) can be found in cool, chlorinated locales, just remember a few a simple things.

Look out for yourself as well as others…respect fellow pool-goers rights and privacy…and above all else The Golden Rule!

For more tips, safety, and fun ideas for your local community or subdivision pool check out the link below:

HAVE FUN, STAY COOL and CALL CLASSIC for all your HVAC needs!



  • Set out a large 5 gallon bucket or whiskey barrel at/near your roof or gutter line
  • Take advantage of heavy, but infrequent summer storms
  • Avoid the hassle of water restrictions
  • SAVE $$$
706, 2012

Now That’s Some High Quality H20

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Happy Summer Dallas!  The calendar has turned to June and summer has arrived in our fair berg.  Triple digits are coming soon and as we prepare for the dog days of summer one very important thing to keep in mind is hydration.  Whether it is lawn work, family gatherings, or out of control pool parties we sometimes forgo nature’s most vital, refreshing beverage for those other, more fun ones.  Check out this daily “watering” schedule that will keep you healthy, hydrated and happy all summer long!!

Don’t forget Classic Heating and Air is open 24 hours all summer long for any air conditioning service, air conditioning repair or air conditioner installation.  Give us a call today!!




  • Prevent slab movement and cracking
  • Maintain consistent moisture levels
  • Use soaker hose to water 1-2 times per week
2805, 2012

Celebrate But Remember This Memorial Day

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As the entire United States of America recognizes today as a national holiday, let all of us remember what Memorial Day is truly all about.  Aside from the day off work, BBQ’s and pool parties, Memorial Day is a time to honor and recognize the thousands of Americans who have served in keeping our great country “the land of the free and home of the brave”.  Classic Heating and Air proudly takes time today to be thankful and to remember what Memorial Day means.

As we stand here looking
At the flags upon these graves
Know these flags represent
A few of the true American brave

They fought for their Country
As man has through all of time
Except that these soldiers lying here
Fought for your country and mine

As we all are gathered here
To pay them our respect
Let’s pass this word to others
It’s what they would expect

I’m sure that they would do it
If it were me or you
To show we did not die in vein
But for the red, white and blue.

Let’s pass on to our children
And to those who never knew
What these soldiers died for
It’s the least we can do

Let’s not forget their families
Great pain they had to bear
Losing a son, father or husband
They need to know we still care

No matter which war was fought
On the day that they died
I stand here looking at these flags
Filled with American pride.

So as the bugler plays out Taps
With its sweet and eerie sound
Pray for these soldiers lying here
In this sacred, hallowed ground.

Take home with you a sense of pride
You were here Memorial Day.
Celebrating the way Americans should
On this solemnest of days.

© 1999 by Michelle Keim,
Commander of Royersford VFW Post 6341 in PA.

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105, 2012

Fun in the Sun…But Be Careful

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The month of May marks the beginning of summer for most North Texas residents and with that come pool parties, cook-outs, and extended time outdoors enjoying the bright sunshine.  However, being outdoors and exposed to the sun’s UV rays can cause more than just a painful sunburn or a beautiful golden tan…the use of sunscreen is a must!!  Take a minute to read the article below to become informed, aware, and safe when choosing a sunscreen for you and your family.  Classic Heating and Air wishes you a great start to summer and safe endeavors in whatever fun you choose to partake in.

If at any time relief from the heat cannot be found inside your home, give Classic Heating and Air a call for all your air conditioning maintenance, repair or installation.




  • No ozone-depleteing chlorine
  • Save money on repairs (R22 prices have tripled since Jan. 1)
  • Increased efficiency = Decreased energy bills
  • Stay ahead of government restrictions and regulations

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