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Roll Back the Clock… Roll Out the Savings

This weekend marks daylight savings across most of the Northwestern Hemisphere, and to Dallas it mostly means that beloved extra hour of sleep.  But it also means fall is turning to winter and cool daytime temperatures and frosty nights are the norm.  So as the cold weather creeps in, all Dallas homeowners who have electric heat should consider converting that old, inefficient air conditioning condenser to a bill saving, comfort making heat pump from Classic. WHY YOU ASK?? Because of Texas' mostly mild winters, above 40° F (aside from Super Bowl week).  Heat pumps allow you to keep your home at a desired temperature without racking up all those expensive kilowatt hours your current electric heater utilizes.  A heat pump system simply reverses the refrigeration cycle your air conditioning uses to warm rather than cool the air inside your home...all the while doing this up [...]

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Keeping Up With The Jones’….

Classic Heating and Air has recently taken great steps to "Keep up with Jones" or in this case with the social media craze. Times are surely changing in today's communication, news and information delivery and Classic Heating and Air is making sure they are not only the leader in air conditioning and heating in Dallas, but also in keeping in tune to customer needs, the latest technologies and even public events. So follow Classic on Twitter or friend us on Facebook for great deals, helpful hints, or local news.     JUNE TIP OF THE MONTH INSTALL A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT Save energy and money Increase comfort No more manual changing...preset and forget about it    

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Repair or Replace?? That is the question

Wow, what a way to ring in May...40 degree temperatures and multiple inches of rain.  If you're like us at Classic Heating and Air you actually had to turn on your heat to keep your home comfortable the past few days.  Certainly there is some humor in how the way this month started, and with that, just as much certainty that in the coming days and weeks all of us will be cranking up the air conditioner here in Dallas, McKinney, and the surrounding metroplex.  But, hopefully by now you haven't had to contact your air conditioning contractor (other than for your Classic Clean/Check/Tune) because the hot stress period for Dallas air conditioning is yet to come.  With the countless 90-100 degree days on the horizon there is a good possibility that at some point you will have to search Google for you local ac repair [...]

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Be Proactive Not Reactive

With triple digit temperatures looming, keeping your home cool and comfortable is likely becoming a morning coffee or dinner table topic.  As Texans we know May through September can be brutally hot and coupled with humidity, as a high school football coach of mine once deemed it, "tropical".  At times there really can be no can only shed so many clothes, drink so much water, or stay in the pool so long.  So before the unbearable heat infiltrates you and your home, be proactive!  Sure AC Repair isn't fun and the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" proverb seems tempting, but air conditioning in Texas follows the domino theory.  All it takes is a forgotten air filter that restricts air flow, which freezes the evaporator coil, a leak develops...and next thing you know you've got several hundred dollars of repair when all you [...]

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