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Summertime Equals On-Time

It seems the "dog days" of summer are indeed here and we are in the stretch of very hot weather historically speaking.  However, just because it is "the busy season", that doesn't mean you should have to suffer prolonged periods of system downtime, excessive excuses about why no one has made it to your home or unsatisfactory customer service.  Here at Classic Heating and Air we are very thankful to have a team who is fully committed to being at your beckon call and doing whatever it takes to provide your family fast, affordable comfort.  While the home warranty companies are 4-5 days out and the mega companies are scrambling to get their sales guys in as many doors as possible, our salaried technicians are on-time no matter how high the mercury gets and our team is working overtime to stand behind our World Famous [...]

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The ABC’s of R22 and System Replacement

We know...we know...there is never a good time to replace your heating and air conditioning system, but it's a fact and reality of being a homeowner.  Our job here at Classic Heating and Air is to assist in that process, educate the consumer and when the time comes, make that the easiest, pain-free experience possible.  There is a lot of information out there and that info in constantly changing.  We found this most recent article from the Comfort Institute very informative and helpful and we think you will too.  If you are planning to replace your old, inefficient HVAC equipment or simply just have some questions....KEEP CALM AND CALL CLASSIC!

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New SEER Ratings Set the Standard

As winter still lingers here in the metroplex many of us are still cycling our furnaces and heaters to take the chill out of the air. But most of us are also keeping at least one eye on the next 30-45 days knowing that Spring is approaching quickly and that means one thing....air conditioning! This year air conditioning is a little different for consumers and the industry as a whole due to new Department of Energy regional efficiency standards. Gone are the days of 13 SEER split system air conditioners, as the new southeast regional standards have been raised to 14 SEER. Initially these new standards sent shock waves through the HVAC community, but the transition has been smooth as manufacturers, distributors and contractors alike have done a great job of training and educating to make sure our customers are ultimately both informed and of [...]

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HVAC Home Warranty…NOT Home Guarantee

We all know the old adage, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." However, many Americans are turning their hope and paychecks towards the false hope that is...Home Warranty. The real fact of the matter is that for the annual cost of $500 or so, you will get nothing more than $500 worth of warranty work done in your home. These home warranty companies are money making entities (at least they aim to make money) and they will use any one of their seemingly thousands of loopholes to get out of repairing or replacing old and worn out HVAC equipment that will result in their losing money! Below is a quote from an HVAC service provider forum we are members of that will provide some insight on how these warranties work behind the scenes and please keep in mind this is from a contractor [...]

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Spring Storms Can Mean Trouble for Your A/C

The past few weeks many of us in the metroplex have experienced some sever weather, ranging from high winds to haul, flash floods and tornadoes. We pray that this post finds everyone safe and healthy, but specifically we want to talk about the health of your air conditioning equipment. There are several unintended consequences of severe weather that may go unnoticed or neglected. When weather hits we are all quick to get our roofs inspected or file claims on our vehicles, but what about your outside condenser or heat pump??? High winds can deposit large amounts of debris in the condenser coils, hail can dent, bend and even puncture refrigerant lines and fins and we've even seen one unit a few weeks ago that was completely blown off of its concrete pad. For most damage and repairs are minor, but in some cases we see [...]

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One Question to Ask When the AC Repairman Shows Up

The hot Texas summer is looming ever nearer, and with it, the increased chances that you may need an air conditioning expert to visit your home. This can often times be an unfamiliar experience and even scary to some homeowners. Unfortunately our industry has suffered a few black eyes over the years...self-proclaimed “experts”, deceptive salesmen and illegitimate companies have all played their part in creating distrust in what was once one of the soundest industries in America. If you find yourself in a situation that leaves you anything but 100% confident in the professional in your home, follow this easy and quick tip that will identify almost any “imposter.” Simply ask to see their license! Any and every in home HVAC professional must be registered with the State of Texas…the only response you should expect is, “Sure! Here you go, and thanks for asking!” This [...]

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April HVAC Product of the Month

Well Dallas we just got our first glimpse of summer this past week and for some of us it was a real eye-opener. Air conditioners we hadn't turned on in over 6 months either didn't start, tripped the breaker, made loud noises or ran and ran but couldn't get the house down to the set temperature. Whatever your individual case was, take solace in knowing you were not alone. From Dallas to Coppell to McKinney to Rockwall homeowners and a/c systems across the metroplex felt the heat and humidity. One of the major problems our technicians found in the field were faulty A/C compressors, most of which had trouble starting up after a prolonged winter without use. There are several reasons this occurs, those technical specifics and detail we won't get into in this blog. However, our April HVAC Product of the Month is a [...]

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March HVAC Product of the Month

Often forgotten, but regularly used, this month's Classic Heating and Air Product of the Month serves as the communicator between you the homeowner and your home's HVAC system.  With a punch of a button or in the programmable mode no punch at all, this industry favorite digital, programmable thermostat gets you to a comfortable, accurate temperature ASAP!  Compatible with split air conditioning systems and heat pumps our Classic Honeywell thermostat combines both user friendly controls and the most up-to-date technology, making it a no brainer if you're having a difficult time understanding your current t-stat, it's as old as Christmas, or it isn't controlling your comfort level properly.  Just give us a call today and take advantage of this awesome thermostat deal!   Large, Backlit Display Accurate Comfort Control Easy 7-day programming (never touch your thermostat again!!!) 5 year parts and labor warranty Save between [...]

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Vacuum Done Right

As spring approaches quickly and summer isn't too far off, tens of thousands of Dallas residents are contemplating A/C replacement.  The prospect of getting rid of that old, inefficient HVAC system and replacing it with a technologically advanced, high-efficiency new system is an idea that gets homeowners both excited and anxious.  And in fact this time of year is a great time to be proactive in replacing furnaces, coils, condensers and heat pump.  Truly "tis the season" to invest in your home's comfort and to also start saving serious money.  In this month's blog we wanted to dedicate a few minutes to what we at Classic Heating and Air think is the MOST important part of the air conditioning installation (sometimes repair) process, pulling proper vacuum. Pulling vacuum is the process of evacuating a refrigeration or air conditioning system (including refrigerant lines, coils, etc) of [...]

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February HVAC Product of the Month

The indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home is something you should be conscious of all the time, but this time of year in particular is when our immune system or runny nose remind us that we forgot again and now we're suffering the consequences.  According to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) flu season has peaked in the month of February 47% of the time since 1982 and here in North Texas we know that spring green-up in just around the corner.  These yearly occurrences along with other molds, odors, allergens and particles are constantly trying to invade your home and ruin your comfort experience.  At Classic Heating and Air we have your solution to prevent those unpleasant experiences and keep you and your family healthy!  Our February Product of the Month features an air purification product from RGF Environmental that will leave [...]

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