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HVAC Technician: The “Coolest” Job in Texas

When it comes to heating and cooling issues in a home or business, your best option is to call on an HVAC technician. Typically, heating and cooling systems are out of sight, out of mind for most homeowners. Yet when the air conditioning stops running during a mid-summer day, or the heat fails in the middle of a snowstorm, the average homeowner does not know how to make repairs themselves. Working as an HVAC technician is a career that requires hard work, critical thinking, and a desire to serve others. It's a gratifying job with great benefits. ASK FOR CONSULTATION   What is an HVAC Technician, and What Do They Do? HVAC, short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is the overarching term for the systems that control our homes’ indoor climate and air quality. HVAC technicians are specifically trained in troubleshooting, repairing, and [...]

AC Troubleshooting: “Why Is My Central Air Conditioning System Not Cooling?”

If you find the air conditioning system in your home making odd noises, if it is failing to maintain temperature, or if you are experiencing spikes in your energy bills; it may be time to have a professional assess your HVAC system. Air Conditioning systems may fail for a wide variety of reasons. Luckily there are options for those seeking AC repair in Frisco TX. For some, the first instinct may be to call for help, but there are a few troubleshooting steps that a homeowner can take that may potentially solve the problem without professional help.  Classic Heating and Air in Frisco, Texas can be called at 214-310-2665 for guidance, but all homeowners will benefit from some basic knowledge of HVAC systems and basic troubleshooting. Problems You Can Solve When was the last time you gave any thought to your HVAC system or performed [...]

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace your Heating and Air System

With the persistent heat of North Texas, it may seem like there is never a time you would want to be without air conditioning. However, as the "miles" tick away on your HVAC system, residents in north Texas cities could be using excessive amounts of electricity to keep their house cool...that costs money! One of the best times for a consumer to switch out an old HVAC system for a newer and more efficient one is autumn. Finding an HVAC service provider that satisfies the expectations you have for your home, your family, and your wallet can take time.  Taking that initial time to research and consult with true professionals helps to put you at ease and gives you the confidence needed to make a good decision. There are four reasons why you should think of upgrading your HVAC system this fall: 1.  You have time [...]

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AC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Cooling System Working Well Throughout Summer

The summer months bring with them sunshine, warmer temperatures and thoughts of relaxation indoors away from the heat.  Our homes' air conditioning systems make it possible to enjoy the summer months without the discomfort of extreme temperatures.  Proper care of your air conditioning system is vital in keeping your home cool and comfortable. The following AC maintenance tips will help you ensure proper operation of your HVAC system throughout the hot months of summer. Proper air conditioning maintenance: Schedule a system inspection by a reliable service professional at the beginning of the season. Your service technician will change your filter and check to make sure that all of the system components are clean and operating properly.  An air conditioner that is working outside of the manufacturer's specifications can cost you money in utility bills and potentially lead to costly repair work. Make sure equipment has adequate clearance from [...]

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AC Maintenance Tips: Seven Sure Signs Your Unit Needs a Tune Up

Regular AC maintenance is essential to keeping your system running smoothly and avoiding expensive repairs when something goes wrong. Classic Heating and Air loves sharing AC maintenance tips with our valued customers to ensure that their units stay in tip-top shape for years to come. Scheduling maintenance checks and tune-ups with Classic is simple, cost efficient and gives you peace of mind regarding your air conditioner. Do you remember the last time your AC had a tune-up? Check out our tips for determining when your unit is due for a visit. Your Energy Bill Goes Up. Of course, you will have a higher bill in July and August than you did in February or March. However, an electric bill that is significantly higher than usual is a big red flag. When your AC is not functioning at peak efficiency, it uses extra energy to cool [...]

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What to Expect When You Call the AC Pros at Classic Heating & Air

Regular service appointments with heating and AC pros are important to ensuring that your heating and cooling system is working at optimal levels. Dust and debris can reduce its efficiency, and worn or damaged parts can cause problems with the entire system. By scheduling regular HVAC service appointments, you can increase the lifespan of your system by almost 50% and reduce efficiency losses by up to 15%. That means fewer headaches and more money in your pocket. Furnace Maintenance Before the season changes to colder temperatures, it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance check of your heating system. Your service professional will inspect your furnace or boiler depending on your heat source. During the visit your service technician will: Inspect and replace your air filters Inspect the exterior components Inspect the ventilation system Inspect the interior parts including the ignition, blower, motor and switches Measure [...]

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AC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Unit Working Well This Summer

The summer months bring with them sunshine, warmer temperatures and thoughts of relaxation at home. An air conditioning unit makes it possible to enjoy the summer months without the discomfort of hot temperatures. It’s important to take good care of your air conditioning unit so that it can keep your home cool and comfortable. The following AC maintenance tips will help you keep your unit working well throughout the warm months of summer. Keep your air conditioning unit well maintained Be sure to schedule a system inspection by a reliable service professional at the beginning of the season. Your service technician will change your filter and check to make sure that all of the system components are operating properly.  An air conditioner that is working below standards can cost you money in utility bills and potentially lead to repair work. Make sure there is enough [...]

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HVAC Experts Reveal The Truth About “Money-Saving” Smart Thermostats

One of the most notable technological advances in the HVAC industry has been the emergence of smart thermostats in residential homes. Smart thermostats come equipped with a variety of impressive features that far surpass those of a traditional programmable thermostat. Users can control temperature settings from a smartphone, view usage history, and more.   The primary marketing focus of most smart thermostats centers on both convenience and energy efficiency, which ideally results in a lower electric bill.  The convenience aspect of this product is evident; do these devices save you money? The initial cost of the thermostat itself is the primary factor in calculating the return on investment for upgrading to smart thermostat technology. Yes, smart thermostats have the potential to save you money, but with costs starting at $250, you may be starting off at least $150 behind with respect to a traditional thermostat that [...]

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Choosing the Best HVAC System Size for Your McKinney Home or Office

Heating and cooling your home or office in McKinney is crucial, especially during those sweltering summer months. While important, HVAC systems come in many shapes, sizes and performances. Instead of becoming overwhelmed over which system best fits your environment, researching four key points can ease your mind as you search for the right technology. Keep these four things in mind when looking for a new system: Research heating as well as cooling. While an air conditioning unit may seem more concerning in the Texas heat, it is important to know how the heating system works as well. Whether it be warm or cold, the size of your system makes a big difference. If you are looking to regulate an entire office building, a larger system will be necessary to keep your temperatures efficiently controlled both in the warmer and cooler months. Take your space into consideration. Because each room [...]

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AC Maintenance Tips for Reducing Your Monthly Utility Bills

As the summer heat goes up, so does your electric bill. Lowering your AC utility bill can be as simple as keeping your system maintained properly. Here are a few tips on how to save money and energy by reducing your AC costs. Your air conditioning system will work better and use less energy when it’s clean. If your system has become dirty over time, it will have to work harder to blow cold air throughout your home. The harder it works, the more energy it needs and the more you pay in utility costs. In fact, if your system gets overly dirty, you may be at risk of a massive repair bill to fix damages caused by your AC working too hard. To prevent this from happening, have your AC system checked and cleaned regularly. Schedule your inspection and cleaning appointment seasonally. There will be [...]

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